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About this tutorial:

The key to Walant surgery is getting the basics right. Walant is more than just using local anaesthetic (LA) and adding adrenaline. Walant is a way for us to perform surgery differently, more efficiently and most of all, potentially better for the patient. Will Walant suddenly make all your patients get a better result? Probably not (at least not straight away) but what it can do is open up the possibilities for your practice:  

  • Wider choice of anaesthetic other than just regional or general anaesthetic (RA & GA)
  • Add in field sterility and you can operate almost anywhere that is a clean environment
  • Less people involved (no anaesthetic team) therefore better flow and more control of the system

Use this video tutorial to learn how to maximise your chances of getting a good result, making the most of the time to educate them, and a few tips we use to make the experience of being stabbed with a needle a little less terrifying for them!


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‚Äč Wide Awake Hand Surgery Webinar

Author: Gurman / Lalonde / Amadio / Baratz / Adams

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This course decribes the basics on how to start using Wide Awake techniques in your practice

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This is a collection of general articles reflecting the initial steps in adopting Walant


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  • Ali P says:

    Please leave comment down here. Any tips etc? How have you found it? Has this helped?

  • says:

    If you want to start to get reliably excellent results all the time in flexor tendon repair, you really should study Jin Bo Tang’s 2017 article (inserted) in Hand clinics. 300 repairs by intermediate and junior surgeons with only 1 rupture and over 80% good results. This is a must read and follow the recipe if you are tired of mediocre results.

  • jammed says:

    Excellent resource!

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