Case discussions, techniques etc...

Learning Wide Awake Local Anaesthesia No Tourniquet (Walant) techniques can be done relatively simply, by using Walant University etc. but quite soon we need to know more about where we want to take it in our practices and will have more questions as soon as we start using it;

  • "what should I do for this specific case"
  • "how much volume should I use"
  • "has anyone done one of these cases"?

This is where MedShr comes in. Post cases you have done, have yet to do or have come across to see what the Walant community would do.

MedShr already have a very well established platform and we can benefit from their expertise. We have a new Walant group on MedShr:

Verification to use MedShr

We do appreciate that having to register for us and another site/app is more trouble than we were hoping to inflict on you but MedShr is an awesome resource, not just for Walant but for all and every case you want to share. It is largely a mobile platform so you can have the Walant cases fed directly to your smart phone. We could never hope to build that sort of resource so thank you for taking the time to register with them too. It will be worth it. 

They also require registration because they are exclusively for the use of clinicians. Therefore they will need to verify your credentials, just like we have had to. Registration only takes a couple of minutes.

Live feed of MedShr cases in our group