Why Walant?

Start with the patient

If we place the Wide Awake patient at the centre of our pathways and work outwards:

  • Wide awake patients can can be given more control / ownership over their care
  • Ownership promotes engagement with their healthcare team
  • Engagement leads to patients taking more responsibility for decisions about their treatment
  • Engagement also empowers patients with intrinsic motivation to get the best result for them
  • Motivation to do rehabilitation well will bring better results
  • Better results make happier patients and happier surgeons
  • Better informed patients are potentially less likely to litigate


In an ever-more expensive healthcare world Walant stands out as a beacon of what can be done better with less money:

  • 20ml vial of Lidocaine with 1:200 000 costs roughly £2 / US$2.5
  • No tourniquet means no anaesthetic team to provide a general or regional anaesthetic
  • No anaesthetic team means vastly reduced costs in the pathway
  • Reduced cost potentially means greater incentive to use this method - from insurance, self and national funding bodies
  • Add in field sterility in an office / minor ops room and costs reduce dramatically

Process efficiency

Once we have fewer people in the pathway and more choice about where we operate:

  • We have more control 
  • With more control our processes can become more streamlined / bespoke / lean
  • By being lean we can achieve better flow of patients through the pathway
  • With better flow we can treat more patients, more cost effectively to the same high standards 
  • With better efficiency we can provide better care in a more patient-centred way
  • With better efficiency income for the institution / clinic / department / surgeon will rise
  • By being innovative and efficient with potentially better engaged patients our model of care becomes more attractive to commissioners / insurers / self-funders

Location, location, location!

A major benefit of Walant is choice. You can operate in:

  • The office / minor ops under field sterility
  • The office / minor ops  under full sterility
  • The main OR under full sterility - (there is little point operating under field sterility in the main OR!)


Other benefits include:

  • No pre-operative tests for patient and do not stop medication
  • No need to stop eating
  • "It's as convenient as going to the dentist - and more pleasant!"
  • No need to stop anti-platelet or anticoagulants
  • No tourniquet therefore no time pressure, less cost and less potential for complications